We are all jinxed with failure:
a Path of Curse-Breaking  

We are all cursed with failure, how do we break this curse of failure, how do we collaborate with it, navigate it, detach ourselves from it.How can we, by talking about failure and curses, create a new system of conditions where failure is equally seen as meaning-making machines. It is “failed bodies”, failed thoughts and failed ideas that challenge the dogmas of dominant society - for example, psychoanalysis, witchcraft, frankenstein, cryptids, demons, conspiracy theories, scars, failed experiments, failed objects, cursed objects to give an idea of what is possible to consider as a prompt for the word-association exercise

Aim of workshop: is to write a curse-spell that lifts the condition / curse of failure (not rendering it as a bad thing, rather as a thing to be embraced or recognised for its potential) in the end resulting in a collective alchemy of possibilities to lift the curse of failure and using it optimally.

Documentation form workshop at Extrapool Nijmegen