Matters of Demons, Ghosts and Monsters

This workshop, titled Shapeshifters: Matters of Ghosts, Demons & Monsters will engage with 15 participants to undergo a journey of hybridity, in which we will collectively create a postnatural bestiary that redefines notions and gestures of artistic research. Shapeshifting is a radical and emergent superpower that threatens the linearity imposed by colonialism, and every other damaging -ism that there is. Shapeshifting breaks, shakes, dissolves and ruptures what is considered to be determinant. Shapeshifting is indeterminate, unidentifiable,
ever changing and hybrid.

Together with students we will exercise the epistemontological condition of shapeshifting - under what conditions can this ability emerge; how does it appear in relation to the hybrid creature they are creating? What world(s) do these creatures and their forms inhabit?Shapeshifting can’t happen or begin to activate without the gesture(s) of creating worlds; without the
speculative approach, the playfulness will only be trapped to the existing structures.  

A bestiary is a compendium of beasts. Birthing in the ancient worlds, bestiaries were popularized in the Middle Ages as illustrated volumes that described in detail various animals, hybrids, and even
rocks. The illustration of each beast was usually accompanied by a moral lesson, which rendered the concept of a bestiary as more of an illustrative moral story to an ontological quest that flirted with the non-human. Beasts are creatures that are more than one thing, more than one body, and therefore question our view of the world.

The postnatural is a condition by which there is no divide between nature and culture; a condition through which the natural is redefined and redistributed to fit many worlds. Thus, creating a postnatural bestiary disables our scientific and western definition of what is a natural
body, an animal, and a human in all aspects: ethical, epistemological and ontological. 

From workshop at AKI Biolabs