Rainforest as Methodology 

 Rainforest as Methodology is a one-hour coaching workshop by Cruda Collective. In this workshop, participants work with the notion of artistic research as an ecosystem – an environment with different active layers, and one that is continually evolving.

Starting with the forest floor (The position) that composes the artistic foundation and positioning, participants will collectively journey through the understory (The Creation), the canopy (The Network) and lastly, the emergent layer  (Cruda Collective will help you to ask questions and construct strategies to develop your own artistic research practice.

The workshop was introduced by Agnieszka Wolodźko, lecturer and researcher at AKI ArtEZ and APRIA Platform Board Member. The workshop ties in with APRIA’s Open Call ‘Ways of knowing’, in which students and researchers explored different ways of producing knowledge.

Pictures from workshop at AKI: ArtEZ Enschede April 2023