Hybridz, Spellz, Tonguez and Raw Beingz

During the course of the 3 days, we will explore the depths of hybridity, multiplicity, & xeno- narratives. Together, we will think of modes to dismantle colonial, anthropocentric, and capitalistic forms of narrative and knowledge production through spell writing practices and the formation of hybrid creatures. In this workshop, we will read & write by the water to inhabit watery modes of communication; create exquisite corpses and hybrid characters; all to later incorporate into the spells you will write either together or independently. Additional to these hands-on and bodily exercises, we will collectively read texts on hybrid identity, magic, indigenous knowledge(s), and animacy.

“In attending to this first darkness I am led back to the mystery of the Origin. The one who watches the one who whispers in a slither of serpents. Something is trying to tell me.”

(Gloria Anzaldua: Borderlands, La Frontera: The New Mestiza, p. 49)