Cruda Collective is formed by Laila saber Rodriguez (CAI-CDMX) and Andrea Galano Toro (CL, ES), based between Barcelona and the Netherlands. The duo aims to re-enchant the ways we approach and tell stories through rewilding practices. Rewilding, within Cruda’s practice, means to embrace precarious cycles such as collapse, death, hybridity, rebirth into the way we produce and speculate with knowledge(s). Re-wilding means to activate the wilderness, playfulness and the glitches within storytelling & mythology. Through this, they dance with and enchants other worlds and voices, such as landscapes, elements and monsters. Cruda aims to re-configure the linear conditions, and inhabit a hybrid ecosystem of symbiosis and emergence through workshops, audiovisual performances with film, and spell-casting practices.  

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Laila Saber Rodriguez is a Mexican & Egyptian creative director, artist, and artistic researcher based between Barcelona, The Netherlands and Cairo. Her main vision and goal is based on curating immersive sensorial-experiences packed with meaningful narratives that disrupt the principles of linearity. Laila is notorious for weaving both conceptual and visual connections to create a story that craft a world of symbols and references. As tentacular as it gets, Laila not only collaborates with talents such as stylists, designers, editors, producers and venues, but also with other disciplines such as psychology, mythology, physics, and theatre. Creativity is not bound to a singular realm, rather is it about malleability, playfulness and challenging existing boundaries surrounding experience as a whole to build meaningful worlds.

Andrea Galano Toro is an  Chilean  & Spanish Artist, Graphic Designer. Andrea’s practice explores storytelling as a gesture to activate and enchant transformational experiences through her experimental film installations, graphic work, performance, workshops, and lectures. Her films and research have a record of speculating the voices of elements, landscapes, and more-than-human characters which in many ways, re-configure the heteronormative storytelling logics. Her focus on storytelling encompasses ecological narratives, animism, hybridity, magic, and dreams; which for her, re-enchant this world, open new worlds and allow for a regenerative narrative to birth in a society of rigidity and linearity. Her graphic work, which is not separate from her artist-identity; is heavily based on materializing not only words, but visual motifs that embody a narration as well.