Spell para atravesar 100 homes

We are twisted tongues living in the in-between, so when we were thinking about ancestry it transformed into a process of detangling a blurry timeline. The spell is not meant to fill in the gaps, or solve the multiplicity by pinpointing to one single genealogy, as remembering a dream. The spell is a condition to accept and embrace the configurations of our identities, one that traverses metaphorically “one hundred homes” one hundred eyes and one hundred hearts. The spell refers to birds, not only as character and narrator, but also as a reference to migratory routes, and movement. We emphasized nature, elements, and the landscapes as an ancestor as well, touching on the non-human aspects of ancestry. 

07.2022 After the butcher Gallery, part of the activation of Privilege of Dreaming + Interspace Collective: Common Joy isn’t for us

The Spell was first Published in the Ancestors Issue by Panocha Zine (read). It later transformed into an experimental video (watch).

 Title screen’s video: Spell para atravesar 100 homes.(2022)